name:Ansible MOO
current status: Active
website: 6000
moo type:RPG
description:Ansible is a Role-Playing (non-combat, non-PK) Game set 10 years prior to the events depicted on the battle school from Orson Scott Card's novel 'Ender's Game'. The players take on the roles of students on an International Fleet space station and interact with each other and the teachers. Specially selected children (chosen for their intelligence and determination) arrive to the station as 'launchies', the low of the low newbies, of approximately 6 years in age. Eventually, these students are promoted to 'armies' that compete in battle games set up by the teachers. Some of these soldiers will become Toon Leaders. A few, Commanders. By the time of graduation, at about age 14, each child will have made many friends and a few enemies, learned...