Another List - why?

A while ago now, we were looking for a few specific MOOs but had a hard time finding their current status, their new site, contact information, etc. The state of the various MOO lists out there left us with a lot to be desired. We have the utmost respect for Rachel and others that have maintained lists - it is a daunting and busy task, we've learned - but there's nothing out there that is a comprehensive list of what is currently available.

We wanted to do something about that. We have worked a long time with MOO and thought that it was time to contibute back to the community in some small way. This MOO list and a few other projects under development are the result of those idle thoughts.

We hope that this list has become and will continue to be an accurate source of information on available MOO servers still active (or at least a current status of those that aren't). We feel that the initial efforts here have achieved that at a basic level, namely, a list of MOO servers still active. The Roadmap for this site continues to develop and includes plans for owner management tools and automated server and data validation. Perhaps, this will be a resource that many will find worth the effort.

We always listen to suggestions, comments, complaints and other input as well as submissions of MOO servers that we don't already have on the list (see "All MOOs" from the menu). We are also looking for anyone interested in editing and/or web research. Click the "Contact Us" link in the menu to drop us a line.