name:All Good Things...
current status: Inactive
website: 1701
moo type:RPG
description:The Kalandra Sector is one of the most densely populated regions in the Alpha Quadrant, with the native worlds of the Farians, the Galdorans, the Klaestron, the Kressari, the Trill, and a Federation colony on Caldik Prime. United for three centuries by a loose trading alliance, the sector had known peace for as long as the worlds in that sector had the capability to travel in space. This all began to change in the early 2300s. A neighboring race known as the Tzenkethi started raiding the Trill System. This continued for several months until the Trill were admitted into the United Federation of Planets. In late 2310, the Tzenkethi started with even more raids. With that, the Kalandra Interplanetary Coalition (referred to commonly as "The Coalition") was formed in March of 2316. By November 2325, the Coalition feared an invasion was imminent, and they sent out a call to the United Federation of Planets to provide assistance. The fact that the Federation colony on Caldik Prime and the Federation member world of Trill were in the direct line of fire from Tzenkethi assaults forced their involvement. Along with the Coalition, it was determined that a central base of operations for starships would be required as the facilities at the Caldik Prime installation were not able to support increased starship traffic. In May of 2327, construction was completed and the station was christened "Delos Station."