current status: Inactive
website: 7777
moo type:RPG
description:Formerly Gondolin Station, it is still in the coding phase if you'd like to help. It is not yet "open to play, however progress is going well. Guests or people wanting to help with development are welcome." It seeks to combine the best parts of Online Roleplaying, Risk, Tradable Card Games, and Microprose's Civilisation to creat a new type of RP/strategy game. The setting is an original, but not totally unfamiliar, fantasy world. Players are leaders in large scale factions - governments, religious orders or magical colleges. Each faction struggles against, or allies with, others to take control of the map. Empires can be built and destroyed, armies trained and sent to attack, the terrain of the world changed with magical spells. Syrinnia features a graphical web based interface for commanding armies and building cities, not unlike Civilisation, using the latest in DHTML advances. Roleplaying is required, and the game systems have been designed to encourage and reward it.