name:Far Horizons
current status: Inactive
website:none 2199
moo type:RPG
description:Far Horizons is a brand new, original sci-fi RPG running on LambdaMOO 1.10.4 with a heavily modified LambdaCore. The game is being designed as a roleplaying game with some simulation elements. In other words, pretty much the same as you would expect from any existing Star Trek game that has coded space and other systems. Those looking for a quest-driven or achievement oriented, MUD-style game, would probably be better off looking elsewhere. The setting, which is loosely based on the old Lightspeed RPG, (note that we are using ONLY the setting from the RPG and even that has been extensively modified), is perhaps best summarized as a blend of Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5-- with the serial numbers filed off, of course. It's pure space opera, no hard sci-fi here :) The setting has two primary factions: The Alliance, which is modeled after the Federation from Star Trek (minus the fancy tech), and the Pan-Solar Empire, which is based on the Empire from Star Wars (minus the Force). There is a third faction, Independants, for players who do not wish to join one of the two main factions. Tech levels are roughly equivalent to Star Wars, only with interstellar travel being accomplished through the use of jump gates (think Babylon 5), rather than hyperdrives or warp drives. Be aware that the game is still in the /very early/ development stages and is not yet open for play. We are advertising now with the hope of finding potential builders, coders and other staff. It's a one man show at the moment, so I am most anxious to find others willing to help out in any capacity. If this sounds at all interesting to you, log on and talk to Darren (or contact us via email).