current status: Active
website: 3001
moo type:RPG
description:Haelrahv is a mixed bag of science fiction and fantasy, leaning more toward fantasy. While high-tech weapons, droids and other devices are a part of the world, so are magic, psionic abilities and classic weaponry.

Haelrahv is not combat-oriented, though combat is a significant feature. Players can choose from twelve distinct classes and five races. All of the races in Haelrahv are completely original other than humans.

The game features: - Perks for subscribers; by far most of the game content is free. - A complex housing system. - Equipment/item storage options and advanced inventory management. - A number of craft-oriented activities. - Many spells, psionic abilities, spellsongs and other abilities. - Lots of rewarding leisure activities such as fishing. - Many character customization options, cosmetic and substantial. - A traits and flaws system (optional).