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moo type:RPG
description:Translated from Spanish: Spain has been corporately conquered by a great business magnate, Daniel, CEO of Imperium Corporation , and its newly acquired business network, which has already conquered nearby markets, and which has the support of heads of state from multiple countries. So far Daniel receives much of his influence from the markets of China and Japan , which want to monopolize various economies.

Spain is divided into two positions: On the one hand, people and organizations that do not entirely agree with the corporatism that is being implanted in the country, and which are organizing themselves in protest and pressure groups, and on the other hand all who are joining the ranks of Imperium Corporation , taking advantage of the employment facilities they are providing and the comfortable lifestyle. Here comes your paper. Will you do your best to get a position at Imperium? Will you join the protest group? Will you be a simple citizen who goes through everything and just wants to live his life? Or will you become a dangerous criminal? It depends on you and your peers what path things will take.