current status: Inactive
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moo type:RPG
description:Islands is a modern mystery RPG set in the small archipelago country of Paanau Ariki in the South Pacific. A popular tourist destination, the islands feature beautiful beaches and coral reefs, an exotic jungle, and bustling cities and towns. The islands have a rich history of natives, Dutch explorers and Spanish explorers. It was sold to the Germans by the Spanish, and then after World War I, given to the Japanese as part of the South Pacific Mandate. Later, it was taken from the Japanese by the Americans in World War II, and now is an American territory. This blend of cultures leads to an interesting collection of towns and architecture throughout the island.

But all is not picture perfect in the islands of Paanau Ariki. Petty criminals roam the city of Kopu Bay. After a sudden influx of money from the government, Kopu Bay has been being upgraded and repaired, while other areas have been neglected. The town of Okuzaki is in open rebellion and under police lockdown, and are protesting the use of the money and questioning the receipt of it. Recent typhoons have destroyed several areas and blocked the jungle, and citizens and tourists are needed to help clean up.

We are currently open, but still a work in progress (beta), and do not (at the moment) have a combat system, though there are other skill systems in place at the moment.

We are more focused on hosting role-playing events, and role-playing. We are looking for active players who prefer story-telling and RP to the systems bit. The staff is always willing to help players build their character's storylines, and we are always open to providing the equipment for that. We also are happy to implement things into the game to help build your character, if you choose to be someone more 'local' and less of a tourist.

We do have the beginnings of a skill system in place (harvesting, fishing, painting, foraging, photography, economics, clamming, singing). Several things such as scuba diving, cooking, hacking, lockpicking, first aid and combat is in the works.