current status: Active
address: 1260
moo type:RPG
description:It's 35 years into the 3rd Pass of the Red Star since Pern was colonized, making it the year 543. As the protectors of Pern, the Weyr is atop the social order once more; with whatever they need supplied through tithe and posting of as many crafters as requested. And our stories will focus on the area of Fort Weyr - with the Hold, and the Halls of Harper and Healer close by. As there is still 15 years left to go before Thread dwindles away for several centuries, the sands are still always full with clutches. Though, finding enough candidates to present to the sands can be a challenge, as people rarely wish to send their children to their possible death by thread.

By now, the formations of a social order begun by those who built Fort, Benden, Ruatha, Telgar, Nabol, Bitra, and Boll have settled into what they will remain far into the future. Lord and Lady Holders based on bloodlines, Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen, and Crafters ranking from Apprentice to Master and Craftmasters. Harper, Healer, Miner, Smith, Beast, Starsmith, Dolphin, and Weaver all have established primary Halls where people with aptitude come to learn their craft.

One might still find 'old tools' hidden in rooms that were abandoned a few hundred years ago, and some of them might even work for a few weeks or even years. But, their original purpose has been forgotten. And, people are far more concerned with the practical matters of survival on a planet where every 250 years deadly threads fall from the sky to consume anything living, even in the soil itself. And the Smithcraft is filled with those ingenious enough to repurpose whatever can be found to fit the current times. Paper from wood pulp no longer exists, but fine vellum is plentiful and with preservation techniques still available. Each Hold, Hall, and Weyr still functions exceptionally well, with only minor repairs needed. So the lack of settler technology has yet to leave an uncomfortable impact.

But, surely a countdown has begun. 15 years left, until the Weyr must again come to terms with how they will be productive once thread is no longer a danger. Some want to begin planning now, some do not see the point. And, the Holders are very eager for that 15 years to be done with. Can they get away with cutting a bit off their tithe yet? Do they /really/ need so many crafters? And Why can't they go digging through old tunnels in the Weyr to find things of use? Gratitude, as always, is a fleeting thing.