current status: Active
website:none 7777
moo type:RPG
description:A world filled with violence, sex, and depravity, InfernoMOO is not for the faint of heart. There are few limits when it comes to InfernoMOO. Go on a speed bender and murder the mutant inhabitants of the sewers, or become a mutant abomination yourself and devour the corpses of players you kill. You could become an ace pilot, or learn to fly yourself, moving your friends back and forth to their destinations. Or if you're a little more devious, fly over the main city and open your cargo bay, pelting it with bombs! Or perhaps you are more inclined to helping and creating rather than combat and death? InfernoMOO offers a very fleshed out support and crafting system. You can even dedicate your entire character to healing the wounds of and crafting new items for other players. InfernoMOO also features sex, pregnancy, STDs, and things of that nature. If they are inclined, players can ignore the sexual aspect of InfernoMOO and concentrate on other areas. InfernoMOO offers several boards for players to send their ideas, suggestions for game balance, poetry, campfire stories, and several in-game nets with their own themes. Any player has the ability to send in an request for being an admin, though this is on a case-by-case basis and is in no way a guarantee. For those interested in being an administrator, some knowledge with MOO is preferred and an active imagination for things to implement in-game is a must. For those who wish to be players, we invite you to come and play!