current status: Active
website: 1234
moo type:RPG
description:Despite a long-lasting and bloody war with the insectoid Praelor race,

humanity remains divided. Three major alliances, each based on strict

political ideals, have risen to dominant power. The AIE, explorers at

heart, believe that humanity's efforts should be directed toward dominating

the stars. The Hale Collective asserts that science and technology should

be paramount, focusing their efforts purely on researching and developing

new technologies, some wonderful and some terrible. The third and final

alliance, the Commonwealth, hold that humanity has become too violent and

fragmented and should concentrate on improving the species before

technological or territorial expansion.

With terraforming becoming a popular event, much of the galaxy has been

colonized. Faster than light travel through wormholes makes starships as

common in the year 2357 as automobiles were in the 20th century. Those with

a pilot's license are free to bounce around from planet to planet at their

leisure, taking part in any number of activities along the way. Space

provides countless opportunities for salvage operations, hauling asteroids,

engaging in battles with aliens and other humans, discovering alien

artifacts, exploring uncharted worlds, or even shopping in one of the

hundreds of shopping establishments that have cropped up on colony worlds.

Humanity's foray into the stars has yielded powerful and blood-thirsty

enemies, wondrous new technologies, and even given rise to three new

empires. What will you find when you venture out into the UNKNOWN?