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description:YEAR: 2150

LOCATION: Milky Way Galaxy

Warp drive has allowed the various factions from Earth to spread across

much of the explored galaxy. To make things even more tense, the discovery

of several alien species has made the fight for peace even more needed. In

a joint effort, some of the factions estabilished a High Council on the

distant planet of Amar. There, troops and ship pilots are trained for all

of the empires that were formed from the factions. This was done in an

effort to bring the factions closer together and to help stabilize some of

the peace. As will all things when more than one group is brought

together, there is almost always a conflict that arises. The High Council

therefore tries to settle all empire-wide disputes. Still, there is one

thing that all players are still ruled by... the almighty Credit. Well, it

is nice to know that some things don't change.

We have a rich Role Playing Environment with plenty of room to grow.

Also, we have both a wonderful and helpful Wizard staff, as well as a

great Admin. staff. As always, all new players are welcome.

Join the Adventure! You won't regret it...