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name:Shadow Incarnate
moo type:RPG
description:In a world where darkness is your enemy. You can't hide, and there is no stopping it. Our planets are turning into breeding grounds for drugs, prostitutes, and mindless violence. Drug lords roam the land trying to get you addicted to the virus of the mind, to suck you in to the ever-dyeing abyss. Prostitutes scour the earth selling themselves for any scrap they can get while new technology develops from simple guns to complex starships, though they are crashing faster then ever. Blood lies in ever street corner and the Mercenaries are nothing but ruthless. Civilians are the targets to recruit of these bloodthirsty barbarians. For those who are likely to be taken in only to have little safety. It isn't much better then standing on a chair with a noose on your neck waiting for someone to kick it, maybe even hoping for it. From planet to planet, group to group, seeking power, safety, a means for living. We have our own reasons for doing what we do, killing destroying plaguing, but more often than not it comes down to survival. Survival of the fittest many have said well. The fight for supreme rule continues. Trying is useless; you will die. Can you trust your neighbor, family... or even yourself?! Here is the test, are you ready?!

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